Electronic Music Producer and DJ

Major Record Label Electronic Artist, Producer, & DJ

A major record label electronic artist, producer, and DJ came to Short Form Studio to establish his music project on TikTok from scratch. The artist’s goal was not just to be told what to do, but rather to be coached in creating and maintaining his own content research and strategy, editing best practices, and workflow optimizations. In the process, we managed weekly content strategy, edits, and uploads while the artist managed producing and recording the content we needed to maintain their upload schedule. After about 4 months of growth, the artist began to take on the content strategy workload while our team assisted with editing and uploading until eventually our team just provided strategic feedback until the artist was 100% self-sufficient in maintaining and executing their own short-form content strategy on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

The result of our ongoing strategy support, weekly editing and uploading, we grew to 10,000 Followers in only 3 months, garnered over 300K monthly TikTok views, and secured the artists first brand sponsorship within 4 months. During months 4-7, we focused promotion primarily on the artist’s electronic release which amassed 2.6M streams to date. During our campaign, the artist had 500K Monthly Spotify Listeners and today the artist has 900K+ Monthly Spotify Listeners.

As our goal projected, the artist has had continued commercial success beyond our campaign with TikTok and Reels acting as a core pillar of growth and fan development for the artist.

Campaign Highlights

  • Brand New Account From 0 to 15,000+ TikTok Followers
  • 0 to average 48 TikTok Uploads Per Month
  • 2.6M Streams on Promoted Spotify Single
  • Average 300,000 TikTok Plays Per Month
  • 24,000+ TikTok Likes Per Month
  • First Brand Partnership Secured After 3 Months Posting
  • From 500K to 900K Monthly Spotify Listeners
TikTok Posts Per Month48.8
Plays Per Month297,973.6
Likes Per Month24,674.5
Comments Per Month1,429.4
Shares Per Month315.6
During Campaign
TikTok Posts Per Month27.3
Plays Per Month235,646.0
Likes Per Month27,676.8
Comments Per Month616.0
Shares Per Month196.3
After Campaign