Major Record Label Pop Artist & Fashion Designer

A pop singer-songwriter and fashion designer signed to a Canadian major record label hired Short Form Studio to support her with weekly content idea feedback, weekly content editing, and weekly uploading combined with ongoing creator support. The goal was to increase content quality and uploading frequency to drive algorithmic growth and views by providing strategic services and content coaching throughout the duration of the campaign. Coaching topics including but not limited to identifying and maximizing content opportunities in the artist’s daily life as a musician and designer, content strategy optimization, advanced growth strategies (ie TikTok Live streaming), and more!

As a result of our ongoing strategy support, weekly editing, and uploading, we saw a 4X in monthly TikTok video uploads resulting in a 10x plays, 11x likes, 5x comments, and 4x shares. The artist’s team was able to convert these views into $15,000 in monthly brand partnerships during peak months. Cross-posting TikTok content to Instagram Reels resulted in gaining over 50,000 Instagram Followers priming her audience for her upcoming releases.

Campaign Highlights

  • +200K TikTok and +50K Instagram Followers
  • 10x Monthly TikTok Video Plays, 5M+ Monthly
  • $15,000 Peak Monthly Brand Sponsorships
  • Established major brand partnerships
  • 4X Monthly TikTok Upload Rate
  • 11x Monthly TikTok Likes, ~1M Monthly
  • 5X Monthly TikTok Comments
  • 4x Monthly TikTok Shares
TikTok Posts Per Month10.4
Plays Per Month593,356.8
Likes Per Month88,607.3
Comments Per Month826.9
Shares Per Month878.9
Before Campaign
TikTok Posts Per Month42.3
Plays Per Month5,828,956.0
Likes Per Month940,564.5
Comments Per Month3,517.7
Shares Per Month3,101.3
During Campaign