TikTok Personal Trainer

Practice makes perfect. So why do it alone? Your TikTok Personal Trainer will meet you where you are in your creator journey to teach you how to save time creating content, maximizing your results and conversions, and amplifying your brand and artistry.



Join our One-on-One Creator Personal Training Program designed to teach content creators how to generate content ideas, conduct research, and efficiently managing an editing workflow so they can shorten their timeline to thriving on TikTok and converting your audience to product & merc revenue, brand sponsorships, mailing list growth, and more.

We teach you how to generate your own ideas, conduct your own research, and manage your own editing & workflow while helping you improve week over week. This means instead of us coming up with your content strategy and doing the editing and posting for you, we are teaching you how to do it so you can generate unlimited high-quality content on your own in a 1-on-1 weekly video call to track improvement and feedback week over week to ensure your growth progression.

Weekly Consultation Training Sessions Include

  • Review content plan made by client, help improve and optimize suggestions
  • Review content posted that week and provide feedback on how to improve- in app optimization, better comment engagement, etc. 
  • Teach editing, color grading, lighting, whatever technical stuff is necessary to make those improvements weekly. This may include teaching them different apps, effects, how to overlay clips, how to properly record a duet etc. 
  • Help review account analytics  
  • Strategist may give ideas and suggestions but is not expected to show up to meeting with content ideas. 
  • This may also include coaching on advanced features (playlists, live gifts, live subscriptions, Q&A, etc.)
  • Educate on cross-posting and cross platform growth




We will send a Questionnaire Form to learn about your goals, objectives, roadblocks, and brand to setup your initial Brand Consultation.


Brand Consultation

Meet with your assigned strategist to discuss Questionnaire to uncover creative direction and educational goals aligned with your brand and business objectives.


Weekly 1:1 Training Sessions

Meet for 30-45 min weekly in a one-on-one training session between the client and their assigned short-form strategist. Outline above.


Ongoing Support via Email & Text

Your dedicated personal trainer is available for ongoing support and questions via text and email.

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